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Manufacturer Profitability with Just-In-Time Employee Engagement

The United States is the world’s largest manufacturing economy, supporting an estimated 17.2 million jobs according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. Manufacturing continues to be the work horse of the U.S. economy. However, in today’s global manufacturing environment, having an unengaged workforce can have a detrimental impact on safety, training, production, logistics, innovation and on almost everything that impacts financial results.

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Improving Workplace Safety with Recognition and Rewards Programs

In this white paper from Sodexo we share the ‘how-to’ steps that every safety program should include to be successful.  Throughout the paper, there is are several overarching themes that emphasize the need for a recognition safety programs in the workplace, including proper communication channels, immediate feedback, reinforcing safe behavior and near-miss reporting as well as a having a technology system to capture and report these events.

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Timeless Performance: Recognition Programs for a Multi-Generational Workforce

To human resource managers, the demographic and social shifts of the workforce represent both a challenge and an opportunity. In this Sodexo white paper we hone in on the unique psychographic characteristics of the four generations encompassing our workplace today.  Inside, Sodexo examines the best practices in recognition and reward programs for multiple generations and explores how generational behavioral trait analytics from your workforce can determine which recognitions and rewards would be most meaningful. By capitalizing on the strengths and values of different generations, recognition programs can realize the full potential of an organization’s talent pool and create an enduring competitive edge.

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A Leadership Framework for Strategic Management of Recognition and Reward Programs

Our experience with leading companies has taught us that to maximize impact, recognition programs have to be strategically positioned in the organization, as well as effectively managed from the early stages of their development. In this white paper from Sodexo we propose a new leadership framework that will guide the strategic management of recognition programs through three main components: foundations, operational pillars, and performance.

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Corporate Appreciation Develops Employee Engagement in the New Year

Understanding that the most important elements to employee recognition and engagement are found in a blended approach of tangible and non-tangible motivation is the first step in building a culture that reflects the mission and goals of your organization. As we approach a new year, this is the perfect time for organizations to revisit their rewards and recognition strategy.

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Demonstrating Value in Employee Recognition Programs:  Why VOI Is the New ROI

Sodexo Motivation Solution’s Demonstrating Value in Employee Recognition Programs White Paper, takes an in-depth look at the impact of programs by using the more comprehensive VOI model, which emphasizes qualitative and quantitative impact on performance.

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Lack of Employee Engagement Could be Costing Your Company Billions

Gallup estimates that the cost of lost productivity as a result of unengaged employees in the US is $450 to $550 billion a year.

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Recognition A Strategic Focus in 2013

Great study from Gallup today and very relevant for organizations as they plan their 2013 engagement strategies.

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Top Corporate Holiday Gifts for Employees: Memorable Recognition Events

Leveraging both emotional and financial elements during the holiday season creates a more engaged workforce which research shows is more likely to increase staff loyalty, productivity and customer satisfaction.  

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How Generation Y is Challenging Human Resources to Rethink Talent and Retention Strategies

As generation Y rapidly overshadows the traditional and baby boomer generations in the workplace, employers are challenged to understand their priorities to remain competitive in the marketplace and attract high performers.

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Five Recognition and Reward Program Branding Essentials

Recognition and reward leader, Sodexo Motivation Solutions shares five brand-building essentials that create program excitement, increase participation and promote company values.

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Do You Have A Culture of Recognition? Using Assessment Tools To Increase Employee Motivation

Taking the time to evaluate what motivates employees is a critical step towards increasing engagement levels throughout the workforce. By identifying the similarities and differences in employee attitudes, assessment tools communicate to organizational leaders what type of recognition will inspire their workplace.

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Hospitals Leverage Employee Engagement To Increase Patient Satisfaction

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has put an emphasis on patient satisfaction scores; with this heighten interest hospital administrators are revisiting their employee recognition and reward programs as a means to increase employee engagement and achieve high patient satisfaction.

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Achieving a Culture of Recognition Starts with Employee On-boarding

A new hire’s experience on their first day can set the stage (and their mindset) for the rest of their employment. Going the extra mile to make a new employee feel welcome the organization is an important first step in building employee engagement and achieving a sustainable culture of recognition company-wide.

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What Is The Correlation Between Employee Satisfaction And Successful Companies?

Each organization, with unique mission, vision and goals, is ultimately in search of one thing –success.  Success means different things to different people, but every organization - from start-ups to the well-established - looks forward to attaining this goal.  There are many tools today to assist an organization on their journey – but none are as prominently effective as happy employees.

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